Media and Religion in (Post)Colonial Societies
Philippe Bornet (Hg.), Stephanie Knauss (Hg.), Alexander D. Ornella (Hg.)

JRFM - Journal for Religion, Film and Media [2/2021]

156 Seiten, englisch
1. Auflage, November 2021
16,90 €
ISBN 978-3-7410-0385-1

Media and Religion in (Post)Colonial Societies

Dynamics of Power and Resistance

Media and religion, both broadly understood, often form the mise-en-scène for power struggles in competing narratives of conflict, protest, oppression, and resistance. Religious practices are visual and material practices that communicate meaning, and media thrive on harnessing the cognitive and affective power of religious symbols or narratives. Many media producers draw on the ability of religions, as communicative systems, to distill human experience and to create particularly powerful structures of affect. The intricate and dynamic relationships between media and religion are part of cultural efforts to inscribe and embody meaning on an individual and collective level, and thus to turn chaos into order, to establish and communicate categories and boundaries.


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