The Internet in germany
Edgar Einemann, Johanna Ellsworth
184 Seiten, 170 x 240 mm, englisch
1., Aufl., Juni 2006
24,90 €
ISBN 978-3-89472-284-5

The Internet in germany

Facts on digital differentiations? Cities, Divides and Differences

Electronic net-working and internet power are essential success factors for survival in the globalized capitalisitc network society. This book illuminates the Internet situtation in Germany: How is the internet power differentiated, is there a digital divide? What are the underlying causes? A digital incline, distinct divides, a geographical digital trisection of Germany as well as a correlation of the internet with social and economic factors are proven.

This work contributes to the empirical research of internet development and internet economy, with special consideration of the cities. Thus it differs fundamentally from a multitude of excellent but rather qualitative analyses of structural change in correlation with the internet. The internet position of the 50 biggest German cities and the quality of city websites are examined on the basis of complex models and completed by a case study of the City of Bremen.

This work is not based on surveys and computer projections but on facts: own compilations and ‘hard’ data measured by internet companies and independent institutions form the wide empirical background; altogether over 13,000 basic numbers. The book includes 88 tables and 90 graphs and charts.

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