Beyond Prince Achmed
Rada Bieberstein (Hg.)

Marburger Schriften zur Medienforschung [90]

368 Seiten, 170 x 240 mm, zahlreiche farb. Abbildungen, zahlr. farb. Fotos
1. Aufl., 1, November 2021
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ISBN 978-3-7410-0387-5
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Beyond Prince Achmed

New Perspectives on Animation Pioneer Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981) is a renowned animation pioneer and silhouette artist. The first to this date preserved feature-length animation film The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), the construction of the first multi-plane camera and the collaboration with avant-garde artists have secured her place in animation history. Beyond Prince Achmed shows the richness there is still to be discovered about Reiniger and her art. It introduces discourses through which the established perception of this animation pioneer, her contribution to the history of animation and her persisting influence on new generations of animation artists and popular culture can be re-framed and expanded. Topics explored include Reiniger’s public image and creation of a distinct brand; her interest in psychoanalysis and the role of the shadow for the interpretation of her silhouette animation films; the silhouette as a specific form in Reiniger’s artistic work and writing; the development of her aesthetic language during the 1920s in the context of Orientalism; Reiniger’s role in British film culture of the 1930s; and her influence on artists such as Bruno J. Böttge and contemporary animators from Asia. A wealth of artistic and written material by Reiniger from various archives enriches the collection.



„Das Buch öffnet eine neue Sicht auf die Pionierin.“
Hans Helmut Prinzler,, 21.04.2022


Rada Bieberstein: Beyond Prince Achmed

Aneka Meier and Christiane Schönfeld: Lotte Reiniger and Female Creativity in the Weimar Republic

Katherine Rochester: Silhouette Films, Weimar Cinema, and Ornaments from the Orient

Angela Breidbach: „In der Welt ists dunkel.“ – Zur Symbolik des Schattens bei Lotte Reiniger

Tashi Petter: “Life in London, Lotte Loves it” – An A to Z of Lotte Reiniger’s Early Years in Exile

Evamarie Blattner: Dream Circus – Ein unvollendeter Traum

Rada Bieberstein: “I hate all theories and have none!” – Lotte Reiniger’s Writings on Animation

Jörg Herrmann: Bruno J. Böttge und Lotte Reiniger

Hannes Rall and Bernhard Schmitt: Tradigital Shadows: Southeast Asian Silhouette Animation in the Twenty-first Century

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