The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Natalie Fritz (Hg.), Marie-Therese Mäder (Hg.), Baldassare Scolari (Hg.)

Journal for Religion, Film and Media [1/22]

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1. Aufl., 1, Mai 2022
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Theoretical and Methodological Challenges in Media Ethics and Religion

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Today the dramas of world politics and a global economy continue to be represented and reconstructed on television and the Internet: as the Ukrainian athletes arrive in the stadium during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, Putin sleeps. China flexes its will to have absolute control over even a virus, and on the border between Ukraine and Russia, the latter amasses its military might. During all of these events on the political and economic world stage, the flame of Olympia remains lit, symbolising peace and traditionally dedicated to the Greek goddess Hestia, who protects family harmony. Religion and the media play a crucial role in this performance: the ancient religious ritual should guarantee that the tradition of international understanding and peace continues – at least during the Olympic Games – while these events are represented and reconstructed by the media. The current issue presents four contributions that discuss media ethics and religion from different perspectives.


Natalie Fritz, Marie-Therese Mäder, and Baldassare Scolari

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Natalie Fritz, Marie-Therese Mäder, and Baldassare Scolari

“Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?” Women!

Encountering Media Ethics and Religion in Theory and in the Classroom

Claudia Paganini

The Face of the Other (Faith) as a Threat

How Images Shape our Perception

Rüdiger Funiok

Angels as Interpretive Figures

Interdisciplinary Aspects of a New Angelology

Maurizio Guerri

Serious Games. The Asymmetry of Images in Harun Farocki’s Work

Open Section

Frank Bosman

“There is no order in which God calls us”

The Depiction of Christianity and Christians in the Netflix Series Squid Game

Milja Radovic

Liturgy on the Reel

Ascesis through Film

Media Reviews

Jacob Given

Book Review

Sarah K. Balstrup, Spiritual Sensations

Cinematic Religious Experience and Evolving Conceptions of the Sacred

Céire Kealty

Book Review

Robert Covolo, Fashion Theology

Richard Wolff

Book Review

Andrew J. Owen, Desire After Dark

Contemporary Queer Cultures and Occultly Marvelous Media

Stefanie Knauss

Series Review

Shtisel (Yes/Netflix, IL 2013–2021) and Unorthodox (Netflix, DE 2020)

Kathrin Trattner

Game Review

Mundaun (First-Person Horror Adventure)

Natalie Fritz

Exhibition Review

Olafur Eliasson, Life

Fondation Beyeler Basel, April–July 2022

Call for Papers


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